“ MA Elite 7v7 was so fun to me because I was able to play with (and not against) some of the best talent in all of Mass. I use to read about all these players every day in the news, and then before we knew it, we were teammates, and now we’re all good friends. MA Elite 7v7 balled out at every tournament and now to this day I still catch up with most of the team to see how they’re doing.”

- Dominic Cozier., Holy Cross / Milton Academy 2016

“ Being with Coach Croom and Mass Elite was a great experience. On and off the field I learned a lot and had fun with my boys at the same time. It also helped me expand my game and helped me move to the next level.” 

- Isaiah Miranda., Boston College / BC High 2016

“Playing for Mass Elite 7v7 and working with Coach Croom gave me the opportunity to compete with the best talent in the state and gave me the confidence to succeed at the next level. I always appreciated how loyal he was to his guys as well as the honesty with which he spoke to people around him.”


-Max Bochman.,Middlebury College / Brookline HS. 2017

" My time with Coach Croom has been an amazing ride when he took me in on his 7v7 team when I wasn’t getting much attention. He showed me that I can be good enough and I can’t thank him enough for all he has done for me. My time with Coach Croom and the team really had an impact on me because it boosted my confidence being able to play with and against some of the better competition."


- Parker McQuarrie / Saint Paul school, NH 2020

“ Coach  Croom I really appreciate all that you are doing for me. That's love and respect and I cannot thank you enough for that. Your very  unselfish and you really look out for underrated players in this region. You should get the respect you deserve for the work that you do! “


- Jaylen Cromwell .,Howard University /Brooks School 2018 

"Last year, Coach Will Croom invited me to his spring ball tournament. I learned a lot about my skill. I was challenged by the best competition around. It was a great atmosphere. And the best part was the coaching. It is an amazing event to be apart of."


-Colin Robinson .,WNEU /Algonquin Regional H.S. MA 2017

"Having participated on Team Mass Elite 7v7 for two years has been instrumental in my son’s growth and development as a player. The coaching and instruction provided by Coach Croom and his staff is at the college level and the competitiveness of the Team has been proven at the National level. We participated in tournaments in Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Massachusetts against highly ranked national competition and Team Mass Elite was always in the top tier!! Its a first class program that competes at the highest level."

- Mike Mazur ., MA Elite 7V7 Parent

“ From the first time I met Coach Will Croom I liked him. It’s not often that you meet genuine people on the coaching, camp, combine, 7v7 circuit. Will is different! Will is a football guy through and through. He’s a student of the game and works hard at his craft. What he has built with MA Elite 7v7 is phenomenal. Creating an outlet for under recruited Massachusetts High School Football Players was needed and necessary. Will really invests in the players and their families. In a short period of time MA Elite Players are getting scholarships and the ones still in high school dominate their divisions. Simply put MA Elite 7v7 is what all others wish they could be! “ 

-  Byron Beaman., Head Football Coach  Jeremiah Burke High School

“ Being able to work with Coach croom and 1st string performance made me realize that I had the potential to be somebody on and off the field. Being with the 7v7 team and realizing I could compete with the other kids across the country boosted my self esteem up and it made me perform at a top level. 1st string performance was a change in my life for the better and now I’m continuing my dream at Uconn.”


-Kevin Mensah University of Connecticut ., Shepherd Hill, HS. 2017

"As a former local football star at Lincoln-Sudbury, Will Croom has transitioned to the world of athlete development and evaluation and has not missed a beat. Croom is a trusted voice and valued consultant to Mass Prep Stars ( http://www.massprepstars.com ) and has worked hard to train and develop numerous local college and high school athletes. Croom is all about the student-athlete and their best interests and is an honest and hard-working professional."

- Ryan Kilian Director of Mass Prep Stars

“My son tried out and made The New England Elite team as a receiver as 10th grader. Playing for Coach Croom and his staff was an awesome experience. He received excellent training, played with the best players in New England and traveled to compete against great players from around the country. Coach Croom and his staff were excellent, and my son was really able to achieve a much higher skill level with better confidence. I highly recommend this program for any football player that wants to compete at the college level."


- David Parsons MA Elite 7v7 Parent

“ Coach Croom, I can’t say enough about this man. I met Coach Croom three years ago when my son an undersized QB at a small Catholic School (ST Bernard’s) in FItchburg, MA tried out for the Mass Elite 7v7 team. This team was full of talent and and was nationally recognized.  My son made the team and got to play with and against some major talent. Mass Elite got my son exposure and prepared my son for his transfer to Lawrence Academy where he stepped right in not missing a beat. Coach Croom continues to help my son with off season workouts and also helping with my sons recruiting process. It’s people like Coach Croom that help give kids a chance at chasing there dreams. My son and I will be forever grateful for the things you’ve done and do Coach. Thank You. “


- Steve Martin  MA ELITE 7v7 Parent

"Last year’s Spring Ball Tournament exceeded my expectations. I played in 5+ games throughout the day against teams scattered with Division 1 caliber players. This has to be the best 7v7 tournament this close to New England."


-Kevin Deree University of Maine.,Thayer Academy MA 2018

"When I competed in the tournament last year it was kind of an eye opening experience. I was able to see what else what was out and in response to seeing the multitude of talent that was out there it made me work harder and benefitted me down the road."


-Ryan Barry  Lake Forest University.,Algonquin Regional H.S. MA 2017

" My son (Ben Robinson) joined Mass Elite after his sophomore year at Wayland High. Coming from a small public school, it was great to see how he stacked up against some of the best kids in Massachusetts, but also some of the best in the East Region via the 7-on-7 tournaments. Mass Elite provides a great opportunity for under-the-radar prospects with their coaching and guidance on the recruiting front."

-Micheal Robinson MA Elite 7V7 Parent

"If your son isn’t playing for MA Elite 7v7 your are missing a great opportunity to get to the next level! My son joined the team after a pretty good junior season at the cornerback position. Coach Croom and his coaching staff worked with him on his technique and he has quickly become a shut down corner. He defends faster and taller wide receivers much more aggressively. His confidence is sky high and he is always in the right position to make the play. 

College coaches are knocking on the door and showing a lot of interest in Kyle. Chances are much better that he will realize his dream and become a collegiate athlete next fall. He wouldn't be in this position if not for Coach Will Croom!

Thanks Coach! You and your program are the best!"


-Darrell Ray Canada MA ELITE 7v7 Parent

"Coach Croom has been a fantastic asset for me as the head coach at Newton South HS. He is great to work with and is very professional. I am thankful for his work and assistance over the past few years. Coach Croom is a strong advocate for players and a wonderful ambassador for high school football. Coach Croom has helped my players improve their ability on the field and helped them become more college ready during the process. He makes it all about the players, helping them reach their full potential, and he insures that players are ready to play college football. When any of my players have a desire to play in college I recommend that they begin the process with Coach Croom, He will make a difference for them. After years of recommending my players to work with Coach Croom, I have now made the decision to have my own son work with Coach Croom and his staff. One of the easiest decisions I have made as a parent. I have seen first hand his passion, understanding of the game, his ability to train others to compete at a high level, and I would not want my son working with anyone else."


-Ted Dalicandro, Head Coach Newton South HS. 

" Helped me through one of the toughest stages that any athlete being recruited in college football will deal with. Was their since I had no offers always believing in me and promoting my name and my brand, solely for the purpose of getting my name out there and getting me more attention. Nothing but Love for all the help Coach Croom has given me along the way to my dream of playing in the NFL!"


-Alex Marshall  Florida State Andover, Ma 2018

"I am forever thankful for the work that  Coach Croom, 1st String Performance did with both my son's. Coach Croom's knowledge and experience was a great help to me and MA Elite 7v7 gave my son a opportunity to compete.

Coach Croom has also done an amazing job with the young men that have been in and continue to participate in MA Elite 7v7  he has provided a platform for athletes here in Massachusetts to gain the much needed exposure which allows them options that were not known a decade ago. I will continue to fully support Coach Croom and His program! "

- Jean Felix Everett HS. Parent


"Coach Croom, Please know how grateful we are for your help we are blessed to have people like you who care so much about trying to help the boys from New England. I have heard so many kind words spoken about you and your authentic advocacy for the kids and everyone knows where your heart is.The bottom line is that the most powerful tool is finding someone who is well respected as a fair evaluator of talent  and who has connections with college coaches like you and coach Olson, that can simply pick up the phone. It was interesting to see schools from hundreds and thousands of miles away show their faith in Will.Your help was invaluable thank you again for all that you have done for my son and for all the boys you have helped through the years ."


- Beth Levis,  Parent of Will Levis Penn State University

"The SPRING BALL 7on7 tournament was one of the best and well organized 7v7 tournaments I have ever participated in. A lot of exposure, but more importantly the competitive environment makes you a better player."


-Mike Piroli Bentley University Fairfield prep CT 2017

" Ma Elite 7v7 was a great experience for me. The coaching was great because of their experience and how well they relate to the kids. I especially enjoyed competing and playing with some of the best kids in the state that got put together by Coach Croom. Before MA Elite 7v7 there wasn’t an outlet to get that talent all together to showcase and get better.”

 - Mike Fallon University of Massachusetts / Milton HS.

“Coach Croom and the Team MA Elite 7v7 program is a high contribution to my success progressing from small town Northeast high school football into big 10 conference collegiate football. Coach Croom first heard of me when I was still playing for my hometown football team located in Auburn, MA. He invited me to the team tryouts hosted in Sudbury, MA where I had a valid performance and advance into being apart of this program. Coach Croom works very hard to provide the best and most he can for each athlete; providing exposure, opportunities in the correct services to help all of us Northeast athletes achieve our College football dreams. Coming out of the small state like Massachusetts and even less popular city: Worcester, it is difficult to launch your own recruitment due to the small percentage of talent that is produced in this region of the country unlike California, Texas and New Jersey  High school football. So I honestly had no clue what I needed to do for recruiting other than continue playing well keep my grades and check. Coach Croom made sure to make my name known to as many coaches he knew because he knows my potential as an athlete as well as the potential for all other athletes in his services. I’m blessed to have a man like Coach Croom because this all comes with a fee and this is his career so of course it is not free. I was not fortunate enough to afford it but he made it flexible for me. Without Coach Croom I know I wouldn’t be where I am today in the great position I am in progressing my academic and football career .” 


- Zukudo Igwenagu Rutgers University Commit / Worcester Academy 2019